Tailgate Time with Peanuts

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Tailgate Time with Peanuts

Fall is in the air! This means sweater weather, leaves changing colors, bonfires, and everything pumpkin spice. However, we cannot forget roaring and cheering of the crowd at a football game! While football games are exhilarating and fun, some might say that the tailgate before the game is the best part of a football game.

Tailgates have an unsuspecting history in the United States. The history of tailgates begins surprisingly with the Civil War. Civilians would gather on the edges of battlefields to enjoy food and company while cheering on their “team”, the Union or Confederacy.

This later evolved when the first college football game took place at Rutgers University. With a more lighthearted air, people still gathered to enjoy food, company and to cheer on their team. This is also the first-time people differentiated themselves with different colors as a way of showing support for their team.

No matter what color we are wearing or what team we support, I am sure we can all agree that food is one of the parts of tailgating that makes it so great. From wings to BBQ, tailgates are always packed with delicious finger foods ready for the taking. One item that we often forget about at a tailgate is peanuts. But how can we! No sporting event is complete without peanuts.

With 7 grams of protein and 30 essential nutrients, peanuts make the perfect snack to fuel your cheering and yelling for the big game! Not to mention that peanuts can be incorporated into so many more recipes to add nutritional value and pack a punch of flavor.

Here’s a few of our favorite tailgate recipes using peanuts and peanut butter!

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