5 Christmas recipes for your Christmas gatherings

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5 Christmas recipes for your Christmas gatherings

Christmas is full of gatherings and remembering the true reason for the season, but we can’t forget about all the good food. This blog features five nutty recipes that friends are family are guaranteed to love that you can bring to your upcoming Christmas gatherings. 

This recipe takes a new look at the traditional spinach dip. Incorporating peanuts into this dish provides you with nutritional benefits, all while also adding to the taste. This nutty spinach dip works well as an appetizer and would be perfect for your next Christmas party!

Having a hard time deciding what dessert you want, don’t worry, this recipe includes two! This peanut butter cheesecake brownie recipe from Regan Jones, RDN, ACSM-CPT, lets you have the best of both worlds. As if this recipe did not sound good enough, to make it even better, it is a low carb treat.

As a healthier alternative, this roasted and charred broccoli recipe from bonappétit.com would work well as a side for your Christmas meal. This savory recipe includes roasted peanuts as a garnish, making it not only tasty, but more appealing to look at. This recipe includes a short prep time, making it easier on you during such a busy season.

If you are from the south, this is the recipe for you. A delightful Georgia peanut pie, shared by Southern Living, gives the taste of home. This pie includes peanut butter cookie crust, peanut butter filling and is topped with cocktail peanuts. This pie will have your family talking around the table! 

A common appetizer with a nutty twist! This peanut butter cheddar and bacon cheese ball is a savory appetizer to share with the whole family. It can be eaten with vegetables, crackers, chips, or whatever may suit your taste buds. Warning though, there will probably not be any leftovers because it is just that good.


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