The Akins Family

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The Akins Family

Meet the Akins family who farm peanuts, cotton and raise beef cattle on their farm in Nashville, Georgia. The family farm is operated by Parrish Akins,  as well as his children Callie and Chandler Akins. Callie Akins, a recent graduate of Oklahoma state university, explains her role on the family farm in Barrien County, Georgia since moving back after college. As a co-owner of her family farm, and as a women involved in production agriculture, Callie understands the industry and it’s struggles and blessings firsthand. “I can do just as much, I’m just as talented, and I have a unique outlook on things, especially taking care of livestock in a more compassionate aspect. I think any female that wants to be in agriculture I’d advise you to do so, because it truly is a great and enjoyable industry.”





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