Peanuts & The Power of Prevention

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Peanuts & The Power of Prevention

The Georgia Peanut Commission teamed up with Dr. Samara Sterling of The Peanut Institute to bring you an episode of the Sound Bites® Podcast, hosted by Melissa Joy Dobbins MS, RDN, CDE. Dr. Samara Sterling is a nutrition scientist and has expertise in the use of plant-based nutrition for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

This episode covers the latest research on peanuts and peanut butter consumption and diabetes, cardiovascular disease. You’ll learn about the various nutrients and components in peanuts and peanut products that are beneficial to health including the role of plant sterols, bioactives, protein, amino acids, fiber and fat. Practical and fun tips for incorporating peanuts and peanut products into your diet are discussed along with insights into how peanuts and peanut butter fit into the plant-based eating trend, the role of peanuts in cognition and mental health and facts about peanut farming and sustainability.

Dobbins says, “My Sound Bites® Podcast engages researchers, academics, authors, dietitians and more to delve into the science, psychology and strategies behind good food and nutrition. Topics vary from fad diets to farming to fertility and beyond. Listeners gain credible information to help them make their own, well-informed nutrition decisions based on facts, not fear.”

Click here to listen and to find show notes/resources.

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