Where do peanuts grow?

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Where do peanuts grow?

Today 77 counties in Georgia produced  1.45 million tons of peanuts with Mitchell, Worth, Miller, Decatur and Early counties producing the most. Georgia has approximately 4,000 active peanut farmers and produce 52% of the worlds peanuts!

Georgia is not the United States peanut producer though, other states include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Out of all of those states, six of them are major peanut producing states. Those states include Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Peanuts are grown internationally as well. They are grown in places such as Asia, Africa, Australia, and North and South America. The majority of the world’s peanut production comes mainly from, China, India, Nigeria, Sudan, Burma, Argentina and Senegal

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