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Support Georgia Grown Products

While scrolling through your social media accounts, you might have seen a push for people to #shoplocal or support the small businesses within your community. By now, you might have even come across the Georgia Grown logo, but what does that logo mean? What is Georgia Grown?

Established by The Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia Grown is a membership program for businesses and free tool for the public. This tool connects Agribusinesses, producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, agritourism and consumers within the state of Georgia. If you’re looking for business that sell specialty jellies, jams, wines, nuts, seafood, meats, coffees, vegetables, equipment, greenhouses, livestock, or anything in between, Georgia Grown is a great tool for you!

Why buy Georgia Grown products? The people who are members of this initiative are your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. They are the ones who support your kid’s fundraisers and sponsor community events. Not only are these people the livelihood of their communities, they work extremely hard to produce products that surpasses many in quality, price, and overall purchasing experience.

Are you asking yourself how to get involved in supporting Georgia Grown businesses? There are many ways to do so. First you can visit to find some delicious recipes. Once you have your recipes ready to go, visit your local farmer’s market, produce stand, or Georgia Grown markets to purchase the ingredients. Finally, enjoy the freshness of locally grown produce in your new recipes.

Where can you find Georgia Grown peanuts and peanut products?

And many more!! Select “peanuts” under the “Find Georgia Grown” tab of the Georgia Grown website to find all things Georgia peanuts.

You can follow/like the Georgia Grown social media accounts to see what’s in season, view educational activities, download recipes, and more: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

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