■ Georgia peanut farmers applaud revision of Seg. 2 peanuts by Peanut Standards Board
    ▶  The Georgia Peanut Commission and the Georgia Farm Bureau applaud the efforts today of the Peanut Standards Board which voted to raise the grading score used to classify farmer stock peanuts as SEG 2’s from 2.49 percent to 3.49 percent. This effort will benefit American peanut farmers who have been affected by having their crop graded as Segregation 2.
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■ Georgia Peanut Bank Week
    ▶  The 2016 Georgia Peanut Bank Week is scheduled this year for Oct. 17-21, 2016 at banks across the state of Georgia. The deadline for orders is July 30, 2016, for all Georgia banks planning to participate. This year's theme is: "Peanuts. In Georgia, Money Grows on Vines . . . Peanut Vines." Click here for more information.

■ National Center for Peanut Competitiveness Decision Aids for 2016 Peanut Crop
    ▶  Peanuts 2016: Payment Limit vs. Acreage Planted
    ▶  2015 U.S. Peanut Price - PLC Rate

■ PB My Way: For Life Recipe Contest
    ▶  Our taste buds are tingling after testing all the scrumptious PB creations that were submitted for the 2016 PB My Way: For Life recipe contest - and we're loving every spoonful of it! From healthy bites that fueled our day and simple kid-friendly snacks to decadently sweet treats and hearty PB-packed meals, it's clear our fellow peanut butter lovers were up for the challenge of showing off their best PB creations. Click here to view the winning receipes.

■ 2015 GPC Research Reports
    ▶  Click here to view the reports.

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GPC Programs

2016 UGA Peanut Update

The University of Georgia Peanut Team produces a Peanut Update every year for growers. The update provides information for the 2016 production season focusing on marketing, replant decisions, peanut breeding, insect management, disease update, Peanut Rx and weed control. The publication is made possible through funding from the Georgia Peanut Commission. View the update . . .

GPC Reseach Reports

The Georgia Peanut Commission awarded $398,630 to peanut research facilities in the state during the 2015-16 Fiscal Year. This effort funded 31 research projects from the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and the USDA Agricultural Research Service. View the reports.


Upcoming Events

Georgia Peanut Farm Show

The 41st annual Georgia Peanut Farm Show will be held Jan. 19, 2017, at the University of Georgia Tifton Campus Conference Center, Tifton, Georgia. The one-day show offers peanut farmers and those involved in the peanut industry the ability to learn more about the latest products, services and peanut research within the peanut industry. Exhibit information is available online by clicking here.