2018 Research Reports
Presented Feb. 6, 2019
NESPAL - UGA Tifton Campus, Tifton, Ga.

The Georgia Peanut Evalution Program Bill Branch, UGA

A Holistic Solution To Using Soil Moisture Data For Scheduling Irrigation George Vellidis, UGA

Using Remote Sensing to Map In-Field Variability of Peanut Maturity George Vellidis, UGA

A Mobile Irrigator Pro-Based Irrigation Scheduling Took for Increasing Irrigation Water Use Efficiency and Yield in Peanut

Wesley Porter, UGA

Establishment of a Long Term Sustainability Program for Peanut Production in Georgia Utilizing the Field to Market Field Print Calculator

Wesley Porter, UGA

Determination of Optimal Timing for Peanut Irrigation Trigger Levels

Wesley Porter, UGA

Maximizing Control of Soilborne Diseases and Nematodes of Peanut with Cultivars and Fungicide Application Strategies Timothy Brenneman, UGA

Introgression and Utilization of Pest and Disease Resistance Genes from Wild Species for Peanut Improvement

Scott Jackson, UGA

Development and Evaluation of Cultivars with Improved Disease Resistances to Increase On-Farm Profitability

Corley Holbrook, USDA

Predicting Harvest Date for New Peanut Varieties and Disease Control Strategies Craig Kvien, UGA

Identification of Physiological and Metabolic Mechanisms as Indicators of Drought Tolerance in Peanut Plants Cristiane Pilon, UGA

Anatomical Features Contributing to Higher Peanut Yield Under Drought and Heat Stress Cristiane Pilon, UGA

Single and Dual Shank Subsoiling and Inoculant Rate Evaluation
for Twin Row Peanut
Scott Tubbs, UGA

Compare GA-06G to Other Peanut Cultivars for Physiological Trait Relationships for Seed Germination, Vigor, Stand Establishment and Production

Tim Grey, UGA

Identification of New Sources of Resistance to TSWV in Wild Tetraploid Arachis for Peanut Improvement Soraya Bertioli, UGA

Introgression of Strong Resistance to Root Knot Nematode from
the Wild Species A. stenosperma Into Elite Peanut Lines
David Bertioli, UGA

The Peanut Foundation Steve Brown, Peanut Foundation

Adaptation of New Fungicides and Application Strategies for
Control of Early & Late Leaf Spot of Peanut

Albert Culbreath, UGA

Effect of In-Furrow Seed and Foliar Insecticide Treatments on Tomato Spotted Wilt and Yield in New TSWV Resistant Cultivars

Albert Culbreath, UGA


Development and Validation of User-Friendly Markers from the Identified QTLs for Resistance to TSWV and Leaf Spots in Breeding Selection

Baozhu Guo, USDA

A Reliable Method to Assess Spotted Wilt Incidence and its Contribution to Yield Loss in Peanut Production Babu Srinivasan, UGA

The Influence of Planting Dates on Water Use and Yield in Peanut: A Field Scale Evaluation

Monique Leclerc, UGA

Georgia Weather Network Pam Knox, UGA

2018 Hot Topics on Peanuts Yen-Con Hung, UGA

Marker-Assisted Breeding for Late Leaf Spot Resistance: Breeding Line Selection and Phenotyping Peggy Ozias-Akins, UGA

Analysis, Development and Implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill on Georgia Peanut Producers Stanley Fletcher, ABAC

A Multi-Economic Analysis Program to Enhance the Sustainability
of Georgia Peanut Producers
Stanley Fletcher, ABAC

Peanut Revenue Insurance Program Audrey Luke-Morgan, ABAC

Determining Biocontrol Options for Peanut Pests: A Molecular Approach Jason Schmidt, UGA

Thrips Population Monitoring Mark Abney, UGA

Biology and Management of Peanut Burrower Bug in Georgia Mark Abney, UGA

University of Georgia Agronomic Research & Extension Programs to Address Economic Sustainabiliy of Peanut Production Scott Monfort, UGA

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension County Agent Programs
Brooks County
Irwin County
Jefferson County
Mitchell County

Scott Monfort, UGA

Stephanie Hollified
Phillip Edwards
Pamela Sapp
Brian Hayes

Georgia Peanut Achievement Club for Recognizing Whole-Farm Peanut Yields Scott Monfort, UGA

Peanut Weed Management Program Eric Prostko, UGA